The Live Marketing People

Our Mission.

We believe that live experiences drive amazing marketing – and we can prove it!

Our goal is to spread live and experiential marketing insights and best practices to every corner of the globe. We are leading the charge for data driven and integrated experiences that improve every marketer’s goals from social amplification and consumer insights to onsite lead generation and sales enablement. We believe in marketing. We have a better way – and – we’re here to share it!

Real Insights

We’ve searched through the data and want to share our best statistics and trends.

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The Team.

We have a first-hand understanding of the challenges in the live and experiential marketing, with more than 50 years of domain expertise on our executive team.

Our goal is to improve experiential marketing for consumers and your company by providing seamless, beautiful, intuitive and easy to use technology. Our software fades into the background so the experience, and your brand, are the stars of every activation.


Jonah Midanik

CEO & Founder

Russ Armstrong

CFO & Co-founder

Ian Richardson

VP Sales

Andrew Carlin

Chief Operating Officer