Analyze your Live Marketing in Real Time

See how your marketing campaigns are performing in real time from anywhere in the world

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Measure Performance

Track every live engagement in real time with analytics for online, onsite and communication on a single dashboard. The dashboard overview gives you a quick snapshot of event performance while each tab includes deep dive metrics into every activation.

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Visual Data Capture

Every survey, contesting and data capture field is linked to beautiful visual analytics so you spend less time an aggregating data and more time understanding performance and consumer responses.

Start improving results and saving money today. Speak to a live marketing specialist and receive free professional services for your pilot project.

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Customizable User Permissions and Roles

Our unique login systems allows each user access to only the information and capabilities required for their role in your organization. Give brand ambassadors app access while analysts and other brand members can track analytics and database entries. For sales roles allow access to onsite app assets and the sales reps own personal database of captured leads.

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Complete Consumer Database

Every captured engagement is available on your custom database. Search, sort and filter your database of engagement straight from our flexible dashboard or export a CSV file of engagements for extended data manipulation. Edit and manage engagement records directly in the database view. If you missed an engagement just upload your engagement list.

Case Study: Granville Island Brewing's live marketing challenge. Solved.