Build Immersive Websites Without Developers

Quickly and easily build multipage experiences online without any knowledge of HTML

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No HTML Web Builder

Building a website is as easy as uploading your images, choosing your colours and pasting in your copy. Build beautiful fully branded websites, that conform to your brand standards, using Limelight’s growing template library.

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Fully Mobile Responsive

Don’t worry about your websites not looking right across devices or browsers. Limelight’s templates are completely responsive so your consumers have a great experience regardless of device.

Start improving results and saving money today. Speak to a live marketing specialist and receive free professional services for your pilot project.

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Multipage Websites

Limelight Platform goes beyond simple one page landing pages and allows you to create multiple page website experiences. Simply start a new page and link between pages using a customizable navigation menu that sits at the top of your website.

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Automated Registration Process

Every online registration on any Limelight Platform website is instantly sent to your online check-in application for a seamless consumer experience and automated brand process. No need to upload lists or deal with paper forms.