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How the Platform Works

The Live Marketing Cycle Is Everything You Need to Plan, Build, Communicate and Measure Your Live Activations

Plan Your Live Marketing Campaigns

Limelight’s strategy builder streamlines the creation of live marketing activities. It puts all stakeholders on the same page, making it easy to plan and launch marketing campaigns.

Create Activation Assets That Engage Consumers

Easily build and launch the customized activation assets you need - micro-sites, landing pages and native apps - to drive brand awareness, leads and sales.

Drive Better Customer Engagement

Connect with consumers using timely and relevant emails. Content can be automatically personalized based on a customer's interests and activity.

Real-Time Data to Track and Measure Live Marketing Activities

A dashboard delivers insight so marketers can assess and benchmark the effectiveness of their experiential marketing event.

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With Everything You Need to Build and Measure Live Activations

With our experiential marketing software you have the ability to get better results, improve the customer experience all while lowering cost. Limelight’s all-in-one software platform gives you everything you need to build amazing live marketing experiences with great results and data to prove it:

Build Beautiful Branded Mobile Experiences

Build immersive and unique mobile experiences in just hours. Limelight Platform is packed with onsite features to run your live marketing activations and enhance engagements.

Craft Responsive Websites Without HTML

Upload your creative, colours and imagery to create beautiful multipage websites in just minutes. The Limelight template library makes it easy to build beautiful experiences.


Build and Trigger Personalized Communication

Limelight Platform allows you to build more personal and relevant communications that increase engagement. See how Limelight makes it easy to build and send engaging content.

Track and Measure Activation Performance

Track and measure every engagement to benchmark your live activations and onsite staff. Your custom database saves every consumer engagement for real time analysis.


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