Plan Your Live Marketing Campaigns

Easy to collaborate with teams and partners

place for all your activity
and efficient workflow
save time
increase productivity

How It Works

For each campaign, brands and their agencies can create a strategic and tactical plan for every digital asset. This ensures all the key elements are identified and listed.

Easily communicate and collaborate with agencies and partners, including people working in different locations.

Different levels of access to the planning module can be easily assigned based on roles and responsibilities.

The ability to do live A/B testing makes it easy to plan and execute on different versions of your campaigns.

Case Study: MINI Oakville's live marketing challenges. Solved.

Increased RSVP
Events Opt-In
Junior Employee

Here’s how Limelight Platform works to solve your live marketing challenges:

Plan Your Campaigns

Build Your Activation Assets

Communicate with Consumers

Track and Measure Results