Experiential Marketing

Power live events that deliver great consumer experiences.

Custom Application
Automated Flows
Staff Performance

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How it works for Experiential Marketing


Collaborate with agencies and partners, all in one place, to ensure the creative and content of all your assets matches your experiential event. Select your application and emails to build a successful on-site data capture experience.


Create your application and emails with cohesive messaging and special promotions to encourage consumers who had first hand experience with your custom experience. Easily build multiple apps for different experiences by using the duplicate feature.


Raise awareness of your brand experience through integrated social sharing, and communicate with consumers using timely, relevant content. Every interaction can trigger a personalized response to improve engagements and campaign performance.


Gain consumer insights from every experiential interaction to quickly understand target audience and refine your marketing goals. Real-time analytics and control over your experience make it easy to make quick changes to forms, creative and content to optimize engagement.

Case Study: Wildfire Experiential and Events's live marketing challenges. Solved.

More Productive
Increased ROI
Consumer Insights + Data

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